Extra Curricular

School Tours

Malahide Community School’s Annual Ski Trip

Malahide Community School has organised a Ski Trip for students since the late – 1980s.  Students, with the exception of a few, have all been complete beginners. Over the years, hundreds of Malahide CS Students have, and continue to, experience the fun, excitement and thrill of skiing.  As well as the individual achievements, the manner in which students encouraged each other on the slopes helped them develop a great spirit of camaraderie, which stays with them long after the Ski Trip ends.

Today, approximately 130 students travel every year to the ski resort during the February mid-term in Fifth Year.  After many years of ‘fine-tuning’ the students benefit from four hours of instruction every day as well as a programme of evening Aprés Ski activities including Swimming, tobogganing, cinema, Ice Hockey match and a Quiz Night.


Transition Year Walking Trip

One of the Highlights of the Transition Year Programme is the annual walking trip to Wicklow. This takes place early in the new teaching year with the fourth year students.

The purpose of the activity is to promote personal and group responsibility, foster friendship, and encourage students to be more physically active. The students are immersed in nature for the duration of the trip, getting to experience the idyllic setting of Glendalough and Wicklow National Park.

The trip has a historical legacy in the school with fourth year students, and has proven to be a great success, leaving our students with life-long memories and experiences.


Delphi Activity Centre Second Year Trip

Delphi Resort is located in the heart of the scenically breath-taking Delphi Valley, near Leenane, Connemara, Co. Galway, Ireland. The resort is situated along the Wild Atlantic Way

Delphi Activity centre will offer students an exciting and safe outdoor experience within a very safe environment.

This trip encourages students to engage with their peers and reduce their focus on mobile devices

-Development: It’s a chance to develop self belief and discover the true feeling of freedom.

-Challenges: It’s about meeting challenges head on while exploring the unique landscape.

-Experience: It’s to be part of the adventure and inspire through experience.

-Learning: It’s about learning that they can, while creating memories that will last a lifetime.


TY European Cultural Trip 

Every year our Transition Year students are given the opportunity to travel on the annual MCS TY European Trip.  Our TY Mission Statement is: 

To promote the personal, social, educational and vocational development of pupils and to prepare them for their role as autonomous, participative and responsible members of society”. 

The TY European Trip allows the students to develop many of these traits.

The aim of the trip is to give our  TY students the opportunity to visit different cultural sights of a European City, to appreciate the historical importance of these sights, cultivate a love of travel and allow students to broaden their horizons. The trip also affords students the chance to make new friends and further deepen friendships.

Over the years our students have travelled to Italy, Belgium, France and Germany.  They have visited cultural and historical sites such as the Coliseum in Rome, St Mark’s Square in Venice and Olympic Stadium in Berlin, Space Camp in Belgium and many more. Students have also engaged in local fun excursions such as theme parks, swimming, tree climbing and shopping!

The TY European Trip usually takes place during the first week of the Easter holidays and is four days in duration.