Prefect Policy

Malahide Community school, through its Prefect system, recognises the important   leadership role that senior students play in the growth and development of the school.   

Prefects  are  key representatives of the student body in the school, acting as advocates and  role models for the younger students and generally undertaking a leadership role in the school 


Malahide Community School provides many opportunities for young people to develop leadership and representation skills and we entrust pupils with responsibilities commensurate with their strengths and abilities. 

The Prefect System provides important benefits for both the pupil and the school. Prefects have the potential to influence the school environment and the behaviour of their fellow pupils by becoming advocates for positive change in the school community. 

We have found that when students  actively participate in leadership in school life, and their ideas and opinions are listened to and valued, they feel respected and encouraged to make further contributions. 

The benefits to the school and the pupils include

  1. Increased communication skills;
  2. Improved academic performance for students involved;
  3. Greater commitment to the school from the wider student body;
  4. Positive influences on the climate of the school;
  5. A strengthened school spirit; 
  6. Increased cooperation from all pupils. 
  7. A network of support for the pupil body

Prefect Duties

Prefects are expected to be vigilant at all times. It is the responsibility of all prefects, whether on duty or not is to model leadership, to assist with maintaining good order and good standards of behaviour in the school and its environs.The Perfect role is 

  • To represent all students in the school.
  • To be available to attend meetings and carry out duties during the lunch break.
  • To take part in a rota of Senior Prefects to patrol the grounds/school at lunchtime.
  • To be aware of students who may be vulnerable and support them.
  • To report important issues to teachers..


The candidates for the prefect positions must submit an application to the Prefect Team. The application is assessed, and the most suitable students are chosen. 

Those chosen have demonstrated their leadership within the student body and have the qualities deemed necessary to undertake a leadership role within the school. Every effort is made to accept  all the applicants in recognition of the School Ethos of inclusion. 


Malahide Community School strives to develop our students leadership skills and provides training for this student body.  Students undergo training in Fifth and Sixth Year.

  • Restorative: The aim is to equip them with restorative modelling and leadership skills.  With an emphasis on training in conflict resolution.  (
  • Leadership:  To equip them with the necessary leadership skills to support them in their role.(

The prefects are guided and supported in this role by a team of three teachers. The significant role that they play and contribution they make is recognised at the end of the school year where they are rewarded with an end of year celebration.