Merit Awards

As part of the school’s policy to recognise and promote talents and skills which reflect a wide range of abilities the Merit Awards are presented annually to pupils. One pupil is chosen from each class group by their teachers for her/his outstanding achievement and effort. 

Non-academic criteria are normally applied to recognise and reward qualities of character and personality rather than narrow intellectual abilities. Two ceremonies are held in the second week in may: Junior Merit Awards (1st-3rd year students) and Senior Merit Awards (4th– 6th year students), these  ceremonies take place in the Sports Hall. At these ceremonies the results of the teacher nominations are announced and each student is presented with a Certificate of Merit.  The students photographs are taken and displayed the in a montage frame in the entrance hall of the school the pictures are also posted on the school’s website. 

In addition, sports achievements, work in practical subjects, scientific ability, Artistic endeavor and musical talent are also honored at this annual ceremony.

The list of possible awards are as follows:

  • Art
  • Laura Ryan Award
  • Music
  • Transition Year Musical Award
  • Design and Communication Graphics
  • Public Speaking / Debating
  • Geography
  • History
  • Classical Studies
  • Home Economics
  • Agricultural Science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Young Scientist
  • Digital Award
  • English
  • Building Construction
  • Engineering
  • Prefects Award
  • Roll of Honour Award
  • Sports Awards