Important iOS update – ‘Zero-Click’ hack fix

September 16, 2021

Dear Parent/Guardian/Students and Teachers,
This is a reminder for staff and students to update to the latest iOS software 14.8 on your iPads. This update provides important security updates and is recommended for all users.

You will need to start the update at home this evening and make sure your iPad is plugged in. If you have an iPhone I would recommend to update that also asap.

If the update won’t install it means you don’t have enough storage on your iPad and you need to make space for this update.
Upload photos and pictures to google drive and delete them off your camera roll to make space.
You will need about 3.5 GB of space for the update to run. You can reinstall deleted apps from the ‘Student’ app on your iPad in the ‘My resources’ section (see attached photos of this app)

Kind regards, MCS