NB 3rd Years / Important Information

February 4, 2022

Dear Parent(s) / Guardian(s) and Students,

Apologies for this late evening notification. Please read 1- 2 here.

1. RE: Timetables / Rules / Uniform requirements for the Mock Exams:

Students have received their Exam Timetable and the Rules which apply when undertaking their Mock Exams.

It is important that the Mock Exam environment is as close to the real State Exam environment as possible.

We respectfully request your continued support in maintaining uniform standards in our school.

As per our App message to 3rd Year Parents / Guardians on Tuesday 18th January, all students MUST wear full school uniform for the duration of their Mock Exams.

Students must attend in full school uniform, including when coming to and going home from school. Only the following uniform items are permitted in the Exams venue:

School hoodie
School jumper
School skirt
School tracksuit bottoms
Grey school trousers
School jacket

Students are permitted to layer up under these uniform items, in order to keep warm.

2. RE: Covid-19 arrangements:

Where there is a CONFIRMED Case of Covid-19, OR where a candidate has been officially advised by the HSE to restrict their movement due to being a Close Contact of a CONFIRMED Covid-19 case, and where you wish your son / daughter to complete a written Mock Exam paper, the school will endeavour to facilitate this.

However, Parents / Guardians MUST comply with the following procedure:

You MUST notify the Main Office in writing with the exact days / dates and exam subjects concerned.
You MUST cc your Year Head, Ms Gannon, into this email.
The written Mock Exam paper will only be available AFTER the conclusion of the exam session.
Papers are expected to be completed under Strict Parental Supervision ONLY.
Completed Mock Exam papers and ALL materials must be returned to the Main Office only, as soon as possible, in order to facilitate the marking process.

Again, your support with this is greatly appreciated.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our 3rd Years every success in their Mock Exams.

Kind regards,