NB Important School Changes after the Mid-Term Break.

February 23, 2022

Dear Parent(s) / Guardian(s) and Students,

We hope that you and your Family are keeping well at this time.

We would like to inform you that there will be some changes to our COVID-19 Response Plan following the mid-term break.

1. The Timetable / Mask-Wearing / Learning Hubs / Ventilation:

Having closely considered relevant epidemiological data and other matters as set out in their letter of 17 February 2022, the Government has accepted NPHET recommendations to remove remaining restrictions relating to mask-wearing and physical distancing in schools.

Consequently, on Monday, 28th February, we will be returning to the correct timings, as per students’ timetables on VSware.

This will mean the following:

NB.*Period ONE will now take place from 08:45 to 09:45. Therefore, students are expected to arrive on campus by 08.35.
*Tutorial, for ALL Year Groups, will be held from 09:45 to 09:55.
*Period two will take place from 09:55 to 10:55.
*There will be NO staggering of the times for Break and/or Lunch.
*The small Break, period three, and period four will run as per the student’s timetables on VSware.

It is no longer a requirement for Staff or Students to wear a face covering/mask in school. If members of Staff or Students wish to continue wearing face masks or coverings, they may do so on a personal basis and the school will continue to make masks available on request, as we are currently doing.

The wearing of face coverings/masks on school transport will no longer be mandatory, but will continue to be advised.

The use of Learning Hubs and/or specific restrictions on numbers in classrooms will no longer be required. As a result, all Students will be back in the classroom, after the mid-term break.

In addition to the above, we need to re-emphasise the importance of good ventilation. This will be an on-going requirement.

All other measures relating to respiratory hygiene (including the provision of hand sanitiser and additional cleaning of services) and pre-assigned seating will remain in place, subject to further review – the continued use of good infection prevention and control measures is advised.

Schools no longer need to request Students to complete a Return to School form after school holidays/breaks.

2. Aspects We Will Retain:

Following consultation with our Key Stakeholders, we will retain the staggered ending to each day i.e. Junior students will be allowed to leave five minutes earlier at 15.45 and Senior students will leave at 15.50. This will allow for a safer and more efficient exodus of students from the campus.

We will also retain the one-way system; the ‘Up and Down’ stairwells, and the separation of the Bathroom Blocks by Year Group.

We will also retain the allocated spaces for Year Groups during Break / Lunchtimes.

The current uniform arrangements will also remain in place, for the time being i.e. students will be allowed to wear the School tracksuit. We want to thank you and our students for your great support of our uniform code, in line with our recent uniform check. The students did you and themselves proud, and we look forward to them continuing this for the rest of the academic year.

3. Advice relating to COVID-19 Symptoms, Cases and Close Contacts:

The requirement to stay at home if you have symptoms remains – for students and staff alike. One of the key messages to manage the risks of COVID-19 is to do everything practical to avoid the introduction of COVID-19 into the school. If infection is not introduced, it cannot be spread.

With effect from Monday, 28 February, the following advice applies in relation to COVID-19 symptoms, cases and close contacts:


Critical components of the collective response in relation to COVID-19 continue to apply, including self-isolation if symptomatic (even if fully vaccinated/boosted) or if having a positive COVID-19 t

4. 6th Years and 3rd Years / Mock Examinations:

We would like to congratulate our 6th and 3rd Year Students for the way they undertook their Mock Examinations, within the scope of Public Health Guidelines and our COVID-19 Response Plan. Our Students behaved impeccably throughout.

5. Thank you!:

As we approach March 2022, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our Staff for their incredible collective efforts and continuous support throughout the past two years. To say it has been a time of great change/challenge is an understatement, but the Staff of MCS rose to every occasion, on behalf of all of our Students and in collegiality with each other.

Finally, we would like to thank you, our Parents/Guardians and Students, for your immense support and commitment, and for being with us every step of the way.

We wish you All a well-earned and restful mid-term break.

Kind regards,