Results of Recent TY Food Appeal

November 11, 2021

Many thanks to everyone who generously supported the food appeal last week. A group of 32 TY students worked very hard on this project for the entire week. In addition to collecting food in school, they also spent a day collecting food/clothing in the Pavilions Shopping Centre. The students were excellent ambassadors for the school and their behaviour and politeness were complemented several times by members of the public.

The project was a great success and here is a sample of what they collected:
– 11,900 teabags
– 25kg of cereals
– 27kg of porridge
– 212 tins of beans
– 358 tins of other food
– 127kg pasta
– 38kg of biscuits
– 247 packets of crisps
– 1,223 nappies
– 639 sanitary products
– 627 pairs of socks
– 20 trousers
– 11 pairs of shoes
– 8 coats
– 44 jumpers
– 376 pairs of underwear
– 118 hats
– 172 gloves
– 40 scarves.

Also, we are very grateful to all the parents who kindly gave up their time to travel to the Pavilions and transport the items back to school.

All of the items collected were donated to the soup kitchen “Friends helping Friends” which is based on Westmoreland Street. For more information on this organisation and the work they do, please copy the link below to your browser to watch a short video: