Return to School January 2021

January 7, 2021

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

I hope this message finds you and your families safe and well in these particularly difficult and concerning times. The plan for the re-opening of schools has changed quite considerably, from our hopes on the 22nd December, to our expectations on Monday of this week, and subsequently, following the developments yesterday afternoon. Many of the concerns being expressed by our students, parents and teachers are common. Our managerial body held a meeting for all Principals and Deputy Principals this morning where these concerns were communicated. However, as things stand, the following appears to be the expectations being placed on our School community.

The School will be commencing remote learning, via Schoology, for all students from Monday, 11th January 2021. With this in mind, could I respectfully ask that you and your son/daughter re-familiarise yourself with the School’s Remote Learning Protocol? A copy of the Remote Learning Protocol is attached below.

Sixth Year students are expected to attend the School for face to face tuition three days a week, whilst participating in Remote Learning on the other two days. The current plan is that we will welcome the Sixth Years back to the School on Wednesday 13th, Thursday 14th and Friday 15th January. This will allow time for planning and gives an extra couple of days for the current lockdown to have an impact.

We will be meeting with all staff on Monday morning between 11:10 and 13:10 to consult and outline our plans for the next few weeks. Subject Departments will then meet on Tuesday between 11:10 and 13:10, to co-ordinate topics and the programme for each subject area to ensure consistency for all students during the period of Remote Learning.

There are further meetings occuring this afternoon between the Education Partners, so there may yet be developments or changes to these plans. Once all of the outstanding questions and concerns that have been raised by the Education Partners have been decided upon the School will send further communication confirming our plans.

For our Sixth Year Students, the State Examination Commission (SEC) will be holding further meetings with the Education Partners next week. This is to look at extending deadlines for project work etc.

Stay safe and stay well,
D. Hayes