Sponsored Walk / Wed. 23rd March

March 22, 2022

Dear Parent(s) / Guardian(s) and Students,

A sincere ‘Thank you’ for all of your stalwart support with the various Ukrainian fundraising activities over the last while.

As you know, the Sponsored Walk was deferred last week, because Ukrainian Speakers met with our four non-exam Year Groups instead.

Given the expected good weather tomorrow, we would like to go ahead with the Sponsored Walk, at specified times only, in order to minimise the disruption to classes. The Walk will take place in the same way as the MCS ‘Malahide Mile’.

Student Groups will be called at the following specified times and will return to class immediately after the Walk.

11.30: 5th Years

11.40: 2nd Years

12.30: 1st Years

12.40: 4th Years.

(*Note: TY Students will be allowed to go home straight after the Walk.)


Please note that Mr Kevin Manning has extended the final date for the return of Sponsorship Cards to this Friday, 25th March.

All Sponsorship Cards and funds raised will have to be returned on this date.

A huge ‘Thank you’, again, or all of your generosity and for your continued support with the Sponsored Walk and with all of our fundraising activities.

Kind regards,