COVID Response Plan Update

April 15, 2021

Dear Parents / Guardians,

Over the past few months Malahide Community School has continued to explore ways and means to reduce the risk of pupils or teachers acquiring COVID while in the school .

One system we went with was the UVCMed system from Hytech. This system is now operating in our canteen and is designed to clean air in this “ bubble” 6 times an hour to reduce infection rates. 

We have also decided to use a portable system produced by Mediland and supplied by Hytech.

This system is designed to disinfect all our corridors and the surfaces and air in class rooms and offices. 

The investment in these systems also future proofs our school, reducing flu outbreaks etc. in a post covid world.

We are the first school in Ireland to deploy both UV Mediland and static UVCMed air cleaning systems. 

We hope in the later part of this year to trial autonomous UV robots, that come out at night for two hours disinfecting corridors and rooms whilst the School is empty.

Kind regards,