Darkness into Light School Walk Wednesday 16th of November

November 11, 2022

This year, the TY students have chosen Pieta House as their Christmas Market fundraiser. As part of this, we are hoping to host a “Darkness into Light” walk as a school community on Wednesday 16th November. This is in conjunction with the school guidance team and the student well-being committee, as our school must host a fundraiser for Pieta House to retain it’s Amber Flag status. We would hope to start the walk at 7:15 am approx and do an hour long loop. There will be teas and coffees on return and a few sweet treats. The students feel it would be a really special event for us to take time as a school community, chat with one another and taking that time to reflect on the year gone by. I appreciate this time of year is very busy for us all so I hope having one morning assigned to a walk with a friend and a coffee would help us all in our self care! The dream would be to open up this event to the whole school – with staff and students from all years. But in order for this event to take place, we need people to volunteer to walk the route to supervise students and to help with the refreshments in the canteen. The more volunteers we can get, the more people we can open up this walk to so we are really hoping to get as many people on board as possible! Please fill out the form below if you will be in a position to help out and there will be an email to follow with details of the event later in the week. Once we have our final number of volunteers, we will be able to contact the community guard and decide how many years we will open this event to. https://forms.gle/s2hWVqMRHijhsqub8 Many sincere thanks, Ms Mc Guire and Mr Menezes