Important Information re Upcoming Talks and Workshops

February 5, 2021

Dear Parent(s) / Guardian(s),

We hope this message finds you and your families safe and well.

We would like to provide you with important information on Talks and Workshops that have been organised by the Guidance Department for you and your son / daughter next week.

Talk for Parents / Guardians:
We would like to invite Parents / Guardians of First, Second and Third Years to an online Talk by Monica Rowe, next Wednesday 10th February at 19.30. Monica is the Director of Key Communications. She has worked with the ISPCC / Childline as their School Liaison Officer, and volunteered on their phone lines for 8 years. A survey we carried out among Parents / Guardians last year highlighted the following areas of concern for their children: anxiety, uncertainty, time management, Online Behaviour, Social Media, Peer pressure and Gaming. Monica will discuss these issues next Wednesday and will give advice on how they might be dealt with. A link for this Talk will follow next week. In the case of oversubscription we will aim to schedule a second Talk.

Talks / Workshops for Students:

First years:
Workshop ‘It’s time to start talking’. This is a Youth Mental Health Promotion Workshop, delivered by Jigsaw. Students will log in to a Zoom Workshop during their allocated time (times will be posted on Schoology). Jigsaw is the National Centre for Youth Mental Health. They offer a listening ear, and give expert advice to young people. Please see the link below to their website.

Second Years
Tuesday 9th February Period 1 & 2. Talk from Monica Rowe (As outlined above).

Third Years:
Wednesday 10th February – Period 2 & 3. Talk from Monica Rowe (As outlined above).

Transition Years:
Ongoing work on Subject Choice Options with the Guidance Department, following their presentations this week.

Fifth and Sixth Years:
Workshop “Managing Stress”. This is a Workshop delivered by Jigsaw (See above). It will take place during General Studies / Careers classes. This Workshop will deal with managing overall stress, how to identify warning signs of stress and it will provide coping skills and strategies to deal with this. Could we ask you to encourage your son / daughter to log in to this Workshop next week? Details of times, etc. will be posted on Schoology to students.

We hope these Talks and Workshops will provide relevant information and support to deal with the various challenges that your child may be encountering during these difficult times.

Kind regards,